My Very Own Paradox

I post what like. Rooster Teeth, Doctor Who, vidya gaems, random shit, idk,

4blackout asked: I have doubts about going to the Journey into Nyx Prerelease. Convince me it will be awesome with a sentence consisting of seven words, please!


You get to play Journey Into Nyx, : )

l0cke17 asked: Would you ever make a counterspell variant with the relentless rats ability? Make it cost UU1 or something. That would be the best standard ever!


You and I have very different ideas of what a fun Standard is.

nuliflyer asked: I have an un-rules question, if i change the name of ________ to four or more creatures named master biomancer, do i win the game at my end step if i control master biomancer?


Each ___________ can be changed to Master Biomancer and be counted as one copy. One ____________ can never count for more than one copy because it only is counted if its name is exactly “Master Biomancer”.

hgpeterson asked: Why hasn't green gotten a mythic for 2 sets in a row? Of has it just not been spoiled?


It got half of a planeswalker for two sets in a row. : )

burster55 asked: I'm happy to see the flamespeaker. But it really makes me wonder if triplestrike could ever be possible


I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried.

MaRo had my idea!

redjujufish asked: Are mythic rares a success or a failure?


Mostly a success. They are a sore spot for some players.