My Very Own Paradox

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Pluto Tumblr Posts photoset

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Okay but everyone cherishes Neil DeGrasse. GUYS HE WAS THE ONE THAT KILLED PLUTO

The post about Hades though.

Aw don’t cry Pluto you have a fandom!!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is awesome. Pluto doesn’t deserve to be a planet. It’s a large asteroid, basically. I mean, Ceres is bigger, and much closer to Sol, and has an actual circular orbit, and it was never considered a planet. Fuck Pluto

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godavarism asked: Maro, I'm tired of all these incomplete cycles. When are we going to get Red Lotus, Green Lotus, White Lotus, and Blue Lotus!?


It’s a mega-mega-mega-mega-mega cycle. : )

levitattoo asked: Does BizarroMaro love hornet sting?


One of his favorite cards.

His favourite part of the game is when cards are outrageously outside their slice of the colour pie. It brings excitement and unpredictability to the game

fishyfeesh asked: Would you ever consider pirates as a theme for a block?


It’s on the “short list”.

Pirates of the Caribbean or Pirates of Somalia?

ruhruhrandy asked: So you have Evil Maro and Marobot. Do you have BizarroMaro or is that too close to Evil Maro??


BizarroMaro is an imperfect clone that does everything opposite of me. BizarroMaro isn’t trying to be evil. He does like bananas though.